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17311 135th Ave NE

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  For the last three years, Coffee Tyme has been busy restructuring our business model.


         We love coffee and believe your coffee should always delight, improve your morning, your afternoon and your day in general.

   Our espresso, Malabar Gold, is the result of years of development and testing by the Josuma Coffee Company.  The result has produced sweet, smooth, mellow espresso with plenty of body, crema that is rich, velvety, and plentiful with the right tint of reddish-brown color capturing the fragrance of freshly ground coffee within.

The aroma is pleasant and distinguishing, its taste outstanding with an aftertaste long lasting and pleasantly memorable.

  Roasted by one of the most respected names in the specialty coffee industry, Dr. Joseph John, Malabar Gold consistently surpasses expectations with a roast full of flavor and never bitter.




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